Greatest Lessons Learned in 2018

Greatest Lessons Learned in 2018
Greatest Lessons Learned in 2018

The year 2018 has been such an amazing year for me personally. It’s been a year of un-learning, learning and re-learning so much. In this post, I am so excited to share along some of my friends the greatest lessons we learned in the year 2018. Do enjoy reading and stay inspired!

Greatest Lessons Learned in 2018


There is nothing you cannot achieve once you set your mind to it and work towards it


Never base your level of satisfaction on the things you are comfortable at. Reach out beyond your sphere of comfort, because your success in life is just an inch away from your comfort zone. Also, keeping invaluable relationships is inevitable for successful exploits


My greatest lesson learned in 2018 is, no matter how long it takes, God doesn’t forget his own


Whatever responsibility you are given, give it your 100% at all time, someone is watching who is capable of rewarding you


The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 simply put is, be sincere with yourself


The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is that God truly answers prayers and also, it pays to trust God. Finally, follow your heart in making decisions


So the greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is to always be thankful for everything. I found out that there is a great difference between being grateful and being thankful. Even if we haven’t gotten everything we want yet, we should learn to enjoy the process. Not being thankful increases your worries and worries lead to depression


The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is that diligence and faithfulness pays. In whatever you are doing, do it diligently, not with pretense, even when no one is seeing you


The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is the essence of humanity and why it is important to live to see others life get better. I am really praying for the strength and the grace to work in this capacity because it is of the Lord who gives grace that I can live to serve others interest above mine


Always trust the process, show love to others and be grateful for who you are


I’ve come to learn in another dimension the importance of the relationship with the right people. It can’t be overemphasized. It requires effort, a bit of selflessness and most importantly THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. I’ve come to value people, relationships more than ever


Leave the comfort zone, and dare (by acting) the impossible because our dreams and the things we want is on the other side of fear


The greatest lesson I learned in 2018 is the importance of healthy relationships. Relationships are assets. Building lasting relationships is a skill worth mastering


My greatest lesson learned in 2018 is the importance of Self- worth. Self-worth is a vital virtue to have because situations will arise countless times that would make you question your identity, your whole being but regardless, you need to keep holding on to your self-worth cos that’s what keeps you going


My greatest lesson learned in 2018 is that, should you need to choose a team, choose people that are daring, with foresight and with a kindred spirit, because if you don’t, you will wish you walked alone


2018 has taught me never to be in a hurry, never to lose myself when things don’t work out the way I want. Never to lose my inner peace for anything whatsoever and be thankful for my blessings

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading this post. I trust you have been inspired by it. How was the year 2018 for you too? Will you like to share the greatest lesson you learned in 2018 too? Please hit the comment section of this post and do so.

Cheers to the wonderful year 2019 ahead.






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