Greatest lessons learned in 2019

In this post, I have shared some of the greatest lessons I learned in 2019. And guess what? I had some of my friends also share some of the greatest lessons learned in 2019.

One of the things I often do at the end of each year is to look at how the year was for me and pick out the greatest lessons I learned during the year.

Do you know what this practise does for me?

It helps me know areas of my life that I have improved, things I must not continue doing, and things I need to work on. (You can also cultivate the habit of documenting what you learned each year).

Personally, I learned the following lessons:

  • I can’t be everything at all times
  • Do what matters the most
  • Create time to take care of yourself and grow
  • Some things don’t add to your growth, no matter how glamorous it looks to others
  • I also have my limitations and inadequacies
  • The importance of family
  • Sometimes I don’t know, and I don’t have the answers

For my amazing friend and prolific writer, Stephen Angbulu, in 2019 here are the things he learned:

Do not hold on to a season that has passed. Perhaps one thing I have learnt in 2019 is to know when a season of your life has officially ended and when another is opening up.

Among many signs to look out for, one profound sign of an ended season is a ‘change’ of relationships and circle of influence. I use change because it covers both the ‘loss’ of old relationships and the ushering in of new ones.

Now, losing a great companionship can be devastating. However, when we consider the long-term consequences of sticking to a friendship that has run its course, the temporal pain becomes a worthy option.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be the walk-away party. Maybe not. In whichever case, realize that your life has seasons as much as nature does. And be prepared to make the transitions as you trust God for direction.

When I think of a young, inspiring and vibrant Entrepreneur, I think of my friend Wilson Ogheneovo. Here are some of the business lessons he learned in 2019.

In life, everything of greatness takes time, if I plant Yam today, I will need to wait (patiently watering and allowing for sunshine) for several months before harvesting. While a bungalow can be completed in a few months, a skyscraper takes way more time, more time to build a space rocket than any other flying object, more time to build a ship than a boat. Everything of great value truly takes time. You can’t impregnate 9 women because you need a baby in 1 month. Be Patient. I would like to encourage people to have goals for a decade and not only for a year. Finally, while one is patient, you must also keep doing the work to make it happen.

In Conclusion

I trust you have been inspired by this post. What were the greatest lessons you learned in 2019? Kindly share them in the comment section of this post.

Cheers to an amazing 2020 full of learning…

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