Having set goals for the year, What Next?

You must have heard me speak about goal setting over and over again. It is one of the most powerful tools used by visionaries to practically move forward and advance their course in life. When I read the definition of goal setting, one of the striking things I see about this practice is that goal setting must be done smartly.

But have you ever wondered why some set goals never get executed?

There could be many possible reasons for this but the most common is the lack of required information to achieve those goals. There is often a knowledge gap on things people need to know to help them achieve their goals. The truth is that many people set goals, and action plans for execution but never get the required resource they need to execute them. Most of the resource that people gather to execute their goals is usually dependant on other people and not much with themselves, and hence they fail to smash the goals.

Still speaking of the knowledge gap…

Many people never pay attention to planning on how to upgrade their knowledge from the previous year to help them achieve set goals in the new year, and hence end up struggling on execution. So, instead of leaving personal learning to happen by chance this year, why not set up a system that will help you learn on the things you need to achieve your goal. It could be the need to learning a new skill set to get the desired job, or even sharpening your sales skills to make more profit in your business.

To buttress the need for getting knowledge to achieve your goals…

Earlier today, I listened to a podcast by one of my Favorite mentors of all time. In the podcast, she shared reasons why so many goals end up not executed. One of the many reasons she gave was that it is not enough to have knowledge on how to achieve goals, but much more importantly, to rightfully apply the knowledge. Meaning that it is until you process the knowledge you have, you cannot use it to achieve your goals.

In conclusion…

There is so much to say about goal setting.  But then, as you journey through the year, instead of feeling pressure on the many things you need to do, sit down and make a plan on what you should start doing differently. Set smart goals, learn as much as you can, apply what you learn, and importantly smash your set goals.

Cheers to a goal smashing year 2020

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