Having the Right Mental Conditioning

I can or I Can’t?

For a long time, I played to the latter, because I believed there were certainly some restictions I mustn’t cross. These things grew up with me from a young age,  that I later thought of them as the norm. But thankfully, a lot has changed about me right now.

Do you also have certain things you have been made to believe you cannot do?

Everyone must have been told YOU CAN’T severally, either out of genuine concern from people who know them or from total strangers that just wag their tongues.

In this post, I am not laying emphasis on what others says to us, or how some external factors affect the outcome of our lives.  But rather, how some mental conditioning might actually be the biggest hindrance to our self fulfillment.

So many times, the reason why people dont try pressing beyond a threshold is simply because they have conditioned their mind to believe certain lies, that appear to be so true.

It is possible for anyone to say anything to you, but what matters most is what you say to yourself.

Do you know that

The outcome  of your life is entirely wrapped around your Self belief system? People who have a very weak Self belief system, often have a poor estimation of themselves and what they can attain to life.

This kind of conditioning is what makes a Prince, ride on foot, while the servant is taking a princely stride on the camel…. Abnormality  right?

But this is the painful reality of how some people live their lives. They don’t reach out for opportunities, platforms and relationships that will move them to higher levels in life, because they believe they don’t deserve such goodies.


Learning from reallly exceptional persons, I have  noticed that they arent usually the most intelligent people. But one thing that makes them stand out  so well is the way they perceive themselves. They see themselves  as the smartest and most intelligent in the block and so, when opportunities come their way, they are ready to take the bull by the horn.

Mental conditioning is everything

The Holy Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Also, you dont need to project your fears to people at the slightest of opportunity  simply because you think they have a better life than you do. Underneath so many boldness you see displayed is a conquered battle of negative Mental Coditioning . Everyone’s  got to fight this same battle.

So how then can we begin to condition our minds to think rightly?

1. Be grounded in your unique identity

2. Maintain a high level of Self Confidence every time

3. Feed  your mind with lots of positivity

4. Eliminate doubts and fears as much as you can

5. Talk  yourself up with the right words

In Conclusion

Maintaining the right kind of mindset will not only help you achieve more with yourself, but also enable you attract the right kind of things you need to progress on your life’s journey.

Take charge of your mind always because it is your personal responsibility to do so.

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Joyce Olawunmi

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