Having the Right Motive is Key

When we take time to think of our actions, do we often consider why we do what we do? I bet that a lot of time, people act based on impulse, or as the situations warrant. Sometimes, we call it a mood swing, other times, we just don’t get why we do what we do.

Recently, I began to think about why people put up an act. Could it be that they truly care or are they compelled to act in certain ways? Of a truth, we cannot always control our actions, but more often than not, we can choose to have the right motives while doing things.

So practically, 

I threw up a discussion on my facebook wall, some time ago, on why people pick up certain jobs. Could it be as a result of their personal beliefs being in alignment with the organisation’s goals, or could it be just because of their desire to earn some salary? The responses I got were quite interesting. Some said, money was more important in choosing a job, others said, they believed picking a job should be borne out of a belief system. For me, I believe that both factors should be greatly considered before picking a job.

But eventually, whichever factor motivates you to choose a job will actually decide what your performance on the job will be. A lot of times, when we see people not giving their best at a job, the simple reason could be as a result of they just wanting a place to wake up and go to, and nothing more. But as I like to say, what you put into a thing is what you will eventually get in the end.

Even in Human Relationships having the right motive is very important. When people feel exploited in relationships, it is often because they don’t consider their partners/ friends having their best interest at heart. People truly want to see that others care about them not just for what they can offer in such relationships, but because they are genuinely loved and wanted.

In conclusion

There is a  lot of hurt in the world today simply because people only act selfishly and are only concerned about what will profit them. But then we can choose to do better. So, as we go about our daily lives, let us not forget that having the right motives and acting it out will make the world a better place to live in.







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