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He showed up!!

This morning, I had a near embarrassing experience on my way to work. It started out to ruin my entire day but eventually gave me a light bulb moment throughout the day.

My Gist

I left my house this morning, wearing a fine brown jacket and skirt, with the zip at the back from top to the bottom (fancy skirt).I was on my way to work,  I was almost running late to get to the office, and so I hurriedly jumped inside the bus with all the energy I had.

I was delayed at home for some reasons, and wondered why it took so long for me to get dressed up (so unlike me). As I stepped out of the house to enter a bus going to work, all I could hear was vimmmm, the zip of my skirt got torn inside the bus beyond repair. I just stood behind the driver’s seat, hiding the torn skirt, though the front part of the skirt was still intact.

Graciously, a lady was sitting beside me, and I asked her if she had a skirt in her bag (who keeps an extra skirt going to work on a Monday morning). She said she hadn’t, but thank God for some reasons, she had a gown. She gave me a gown, and immediately  I wore it from the bottom. I and the lady both alighted at the next bus stop, and she assisted me in wearing the dress fully.


The good Samaritan lady was gracious enough to allow me to wear the dress, and that’s how I wore a total strangers’ dress to work this morning. As I left, it occurred to me that the delay at home was for a reason, entering and meeting that lady on the bus was also for a good reason reason. As I got to the office, I realised that the experience was to teach me some life lessons:

Lessons from my experience

  1. Some delays in life are actually for your own good
  2. Beyond how much you know how to take care of yourself, God knows how best to take care of you
  3. God can use anyone  at any time to take care of you

Hey, as you go into this week, remember that God is a good father, and he will take care of you and your needs.

Stay hopeful

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