Hello Monday! Here’s how to deal with personal insecurities

personal insecurities
personal insecurities

Today is Monday, and I am so excited to talk about how to deal with personal insecurities. Hey, this post isn’t as serious as you think, why not smile that face of yours and let’s discuss!!!

So here I am, sitting pretty on the chair with a new hairdo, and smiling with all the charm I have got, but hey, does this happen to me every day? Hell no!! Some days, I just wanna suck up under my duvet like one very shy child (covers face).

As a child, I grew up with so many personal insecurities and thinking that others were better off than I was. Haaa, I wasn’t confident in myself one bit, I was shy, and I was un-pretty. But now I know better.

So, what helped me deal with personal insecurities?

In this post, I am baring out how I have dealt with having personal insecurities overtime. I have listed 3 ways below and it sure will be of help to you:

By embracing yourself and your uniqueness

Love yourself, embrace your uniqueness! I know this is one of my favorite sayings, but this has worked for me big time. Knowing yourself and embracing your uniqueness is the very first way of dealing with any form of personal insecurities. You are self-sufficient, open your EYES and see the real you.

By using your talent

See, you need to see the good in yourself and use it. The best way to build your self-confidence and deal with any form of personal insecurity that you may feel inside of you is to keep using your talent. See, the more you use your talent, the more you believe in yourself and the more you love yourself.

By believing in yourself to the utmost

You are sure more powerful than you have ever thought. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. There are times you fall, fail or even crash on your journey in life, but never allow these things to be what defines who you are. Believe in yourself, let nothing make you lose the belief you have in yourself.


We all face personal insecurities at one point in time or the other of our lives. It could be our skin color, hair, dentition or even height (lol). But whatever it is, please come out of it. Do all you can to live your best life, because, that’s what God desires for you.

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