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Hello you, do it now!

Do it now
Do it now

Hello you, do it now!

I am extremely excited to feature the beautiful, passionate and intelligent Dr. Olawunmi Adewole in this post. Dr. Hepzibah as she loves to be called is a passionate Jesus girl, who understands the truth of God’s word and translates it beyond the four walls of the church. She is a medical doctor by training with a special interest in Paediatrics, an astute creative writer, public speaker by passion and the convener of Jesus girls’ network international.

In November 2018, we featured her article on our blog, beyond the four walls of the church and I must tell you, her post got hundreds of views with several amazing comments too. In this post, do it now, she shares her personal story on lessons she learned from one of her simple daily experiences and it’s so inspiring. Here is her story below.

 Story time…..

I was a little perturbed and disappointed some days ago. I had failed to back up the files on my phone, and my phone just fell into hot water. I am highly grateful that I was able to salvage my phone but it came at a very high cost as I lost all my files including audio, images, videos, documents and even contacts, amongst others. I was almost discouraged because of the amount of work I’d put into all that was lost but I am grateful because I learned some lessons from that experience.

Prior to now, I remember I used to write in a book before typing into my phone but with the advent of smart phones, I can now type into fast notepad, copy to WPS, share from WPS office without backing up elsewhere. Even though the app kept tugging me to back up my files, I kept postponing it to a later time. Unfortunately for me, I had to flash my phone after the hot water experience.

I know I was so wrong because the need for those write up and other documents that were flashed off with my phone could arise at any time and I don’t have them anymore. We are in a digital age and this has made a lot of things easier, yet so many of us still don’t leverage on technology.  Right now, I’m starting all over and I just want to share the following lessons I learned from my experience with you.

Lessons I learned

  • Leverage on technology to make your life easier
  •  IT’S NOT TOO EARLY TO START, IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO START. Don’t wait until March to start working on your goals for the year. Start working now!
  • The fact that things haven’t worked out thus far doesn’t mean you have to give up. Get up and get moving. Get to work and never give up.

In Conclusion

It’s not over until you’re done! Be determined and work hard. I celebrate you always and I believe in your success in 2019 and beyond.




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  • Hmm.
    I understand what that’s like very well. I keep my diary on a WPS document and Lo, I lost ALL. I had to revert to my last saved.
    Now, I’ve learnt to back up my laptop and phone data. Even my contacts.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great year ahead.

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