Here are 3 things you must stop doing in 2018

3 things to stop doing in 2018
3 things to stop doing in 2018

I will tell you what prompted the idea to write up this post- 3 things that you must stop doing in 2018. I have a little story to tell. So over the weekend, I hosted my first ever paid online training, the 2019 Goal Setting Masterclass and oh boy, I can tell you that I am still over the moon with the feeling that I did it. I give God all the glory for the success of the event. But hey, just before you start thinking I had it all figured out, lemme let you in on some things.

Knowing fully well that I wanted to host this training, I was sure of what I could do, I was sure I could let my idea out, but then I had fears! real fears!!! But then, I decided to channel my fear in the positive direction to getting things done. Hosting the master class training feels very huge for me,  and I learned 3 things I must stop doing in 2018 if I want to move ahead with an idea. I have shared them below:

Stop procrastinating taking actions on  your idea

Procrastination is a virus, it spreads so fast and kills dreams. Once you have an idea burning in your heart, move on with it, take your first step, take the baby steps, and even if you are staggering, keep on moving!

Stop waiting to have it all figured out

Stop it! Ideas come in pieces. The sooner you started taking your first step, the clearer the vision becomes. See my friend, if you want to achieve your dreams in the year 2019, you need to stop waiting to have it all figured out. That inch of idea you have is enough to create an empire, trust me!

Stop waiting for people’s approval

This is the big deal for me. I say this a lot, you don’t need your entire village people to believe in you and your idea. Stop waiting for people’s approval to move on with your idea. This might sound brutal, but the honest truth is that you are the only one that can see your lofty ideas, you can only translate it for someone else to see. Own your ideas, work with it, and if you’ve got cheer leaders on the way, good for you!


As we journey into the new year, 2019, I am doing a personal retrospect on certain things that must not go with me into the new year. I decided to share some of them with you in this post. How about you? what do you think you should stop doing? Please share them in the comment section below.



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