Here is why you should be thankful

be thankful
be thankful

I never really considered what it meant to be thankful until recently when I learned of the practical benefits of being thankful. Using my life as an example, I know I could be so quick to reach out for the next big thing I should be doing, that I seldom look back to how far I have come and how much I have achieved in life. (This is not a good practice).

But I realised that this habit is so common amongst we humans because we are so quick to forget the good things that have happened to us in life. Of a truth, it is important to keep being on the move and reaching out for new opportunities, but it is also a better practise to think back and be thankful for what you have in your life.

Here is what it means to be thankful

Bing thankful means that you appreciate the things and events in your life because you know it could have been worse. To be thankful is a disposition, a state of mind of being grateful. Thankfulness is linked with contentment. It means being grateful for what you have right now while reaching for more.

To be thankful doesn’t mean that you have all the things figured out in your life yet, in fact, it also doesn’t mean that you have your life going on well. But it means that you are grateful for how far you have come and you know that it will be better. A lot of times, why people are not thankful is because they do not see the reasons why they should be thankful.

Here are a few reasons why you should be thankful

  • You  are alive
  • You have sound health
  • You have a job/ run a business
  • You have friends, family and relationships around you
  • The many other things you enjoy but cannot quantify

Even though it might look like you don’t have all the things that you wish or desire to have in life yet, look inward at that one thing you have and that you can be thankful for.

In Conclusion

As we start a new month, I implore you to be thankful for the things in your life and see how much more you will achieve by just being thankful.




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