How To Discover Your Cutting Edge

Have you heard of the Strength based Therapy?

The strength based therapy is a type of positive psychotherapy and counselling that focuses more on an individuals’ internal strengths and resourcefulness and less on their weaknesses, failures and short comings. This therapy lays a foundation that every individual has strengths and something to offer.  For the purpose of this post, I will liken strength to mean an individuals’ cutting edge. A strength is what one is good at, is most comfortable doing and can readily deploy to fulfill a purpose.

Why is knowing this important to us as individuals?

For myself and most youths I know, the common words we often hear is –  discover your purpose and fulfill it. But permit me to say that one cannot fulfill this purpose without even knowing their cutting edge. Using the illustration of a student enrolling in school to get educated will help us understand this better. Imperatively, the student has resident in him the ability to get educated, but this might never be achieved if he does not get some basic teachings. So it means that whatever our cutting edge is already within us and only needs to be discovered.

Most times, we often think in the corners of our minds that some of the things we naturally find ourselves doing cannot be our cutting edge. That is so wrong. To help your understanding better, these few points will help in discovering what your cutting edge is:

  1. The things that spark up excitement in your heart each time you hear of it. For me, it is how to convert my thoughts, what I hear to writing, so I can conveniently say, writing is my cutting edge, and I keep writing to becoming better.
  2. The things that your attention is often drawn to: When your attention is currently drawn to a thing overtime that might be a good indicator to what your cutting edge is.
  3. The things you want to tell somebody about: You don’t even wait to be a great orator before you find yourself speaking on the matter, you often find yourself explaining to others how a thing can be done, achieved, or telling others how you did something? Then might just be your cutting edge.
  4. The things you dream on: The things that keep running in your mind continuously, you often find yourself painting imaginary pictures of them.
  5. The things you unconsciously do that adds value to others: You find yourself always wanting to help others with what you have for example, you always volunteer to lead people to achieve a result, that will mean great leadership skills is your cutting edge.

From the book My Big Ideas, 30 Entrepreneurs reveal how they find inspirations by Rachel Bridge, I learned that getting ideas on what to do is not by magic neither is there anything spectacular about discovering what to do, but rather the small big things we do over time that we often do not take note, that passive drawing skill, that cooking skill, that good eyes for taking amazing pictures, that bathroom singing voice, that dress combination skill, the list is really endless…….

In conclusion, do not commonise anything you do, be observant of your personal self, keep doing what you are doing now, and in no time, you will become so skilled at what you do and be able to charge a fee for it.


I hope this helps….


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