How To Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Are you also like me who used to be afraid of my personality type? have you struggled with accepting yourself for who you are? do you want to learn on how to  feel comfortable in your own skin? then read my story below on how I struggled with my introvert personality before finally accepting who I am.

I appear strong on the outside, but deep within, I cannot hurt a fly. This was my fear, this was my struggle, that people would take advantage of me if they knew who I really was. So I constantly kept a face, appeared very strong on the outside but deep within, I didn’t like myself. This was me days, months and years ago, and yes, I can openly talk about it today because I have accepted the real me and I am working at becoming the best version of myself. If I will give a name to how I felt those times, I will call it a state of DEPRESSION.  So many people also suffer from the same condition but usually don’t open up to talk about it so as not be perceived wrongly. In this post, I have shared freely what led to me feeling  depressed, how I came out of that state and to also encourage you  on  how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

So how did I get into depressing state?

For me, low Low self- esteem was the cause. I always denied that fact that I wasn’t confident of myself, I knew about it, but I never wanted to be seen in that light. I stayed away from people simply because I felt others were better than I was, I struggled with liking my dentition, skin color, height, and even weight size. I constantly felt others were better off  than I was, and I would feel better if I was someone else. I fully captured this in an open letter to my 18 year old self.

From experience, usually, when one begins to get into depressing state, it may be as a result of feeling they deserve better than they got and so they keep like holding others to ransom on the outcome of their lives. Furthermore, depression can set in a result of an individual trying to measure up to a particular societal standard just to keep a good face. But the truth is another’s’ standard will never give the satisfaction you so desire, so why hurt yourself?

What helped me?

After knowing that I was cheating myself so much in life by wanting to be another, the following things helped me :

  •  Living life a day at a time. Oftentimes, depression can be as result of feeling the pressure of performance to fit into a particular setting, but the irony is that these the pressure for performance could be the bedrock for non-performance,  so instead of worrying for tomorrow, choose to enjoy living  daily, life’s not that hard.
  • Embrace your uniqueness: Knowing that you are yourself and will never be another will help you appreciate your uniqueness and work on being the best version of yourself. Love yourself, love who you are, love who are becoming because you are UNIQUELY created. Most people we often look up to know how to be comfortable in their own skin.
  • Open up to others: I usually deceived myself that I was an introverted person and couldn’t mingle with others because I felt I will be misunderstood. For a long time, this belief held me back from enjoying the benefits of having great friendship. But the moment I started opening up to others, my heart started getting lighter, I started receiving and giving out love, I saw the need to LIVE.

For most people, the reason why they get depressed is that they do not see the reason to live, they feel no one cares about them, they feel there is nothing good about them. I can tell you from experience that there is much more to you  than you can see right now, you are uniquely created.

My kind advice: Do not  wait for others to validate  who you are, embrace your uniqueness and Live Happy!!!





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