How To Leverage On Your Cutting Edge

After I put up the post on How to discover your cutting edge, I received quite some remark from people on how they could relate with the post. Hence, I discovered that for most people, the issue isnt about discovering their unique talent/ abilities but much more about utilizing it, for theirs’ and others benefit.  Judging from most of the feedback I received, people wanted to know how to start up doing what they love to do. I sure believe that everyone’s cutting edge can be converted to wealth, and I must add this, true wealth is not only about the money in the bank account, but much more on the impact made with your  gift.

In view of the feedback I received, I am sharing below on some of the ways you can immediately and exactly start leveraging your cutting edge to being a blessing to the world at large.

Here it goes:

  1. Start using your skills from where you are and with what you have: The best form of ideas will remain brilliant ideas except an action is taken on them. An easy way to start leveraging on your skills is to start DOING.


  1. Volunteer to help someone out with your skills even if at no cost: As you keep telling people on what you can do, the more they want to see what you have done. Most won’t immediately start out offering to pay for your skill, volunteer to help them for free. In doing this, you are sending out your work CV and capabilities to potential customers who with just a trial can in turn become your first evangelist to publicize your work.




  1. Tell people about what you can do: It’s not magic, whatever you dont talk about proudly will never get known by anyone. Never shy away from what you can do, tell people about it, be bold.


  1. Always deliver value when you are called upon to use your skill: As you continue using your skill, you will discover you are getting better at it. That way, your aim should always be to perform excellently well when given the opportunity. Your gift will definitely take you to the palace, but only if you constantly keep delivering value.


  1. Always be eager to learn about becoming better: Consistently learning about a thing will not only make you better, but also will put you on a high pedestal of excellence. Learn more, know more and gain confidence at what you do.


In conclusion, knowing how talented you are isn’t enough, telling others about your abilities isn’t either, gaining unrealistic recognition as a talented individual will only lead to self- frustration, but leveraging on your cutting edge is what truly brings self -satisfaction.


PS: I will like to know in the comment section how useful this post was to you, or if you need more help on the subject matter.






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