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How to treat clusters in your home

Hey, what are you doing with that clock that is no longer functional in your house, the clothes you can never again wear or the shoes that are begging for freedom?

Adedoyin Okeowo, CEO Neat and Trim shares her thought on how we unknowingly accumulate clusters in our homes and here’s what she has to say:


Little drops of water they say makes a mighty ocean, the same goes for clusters. Little indecision on things around the house can turn out to become piles that will become a burden in future. For example, the wall clock is bad, you keep it, hoping to fix it, then you attend a party, receive a new wall clock as souvenir, you still keep the other bad clock even if you now  have a new one (but why?)


In accumulating clusters, memories and sentiments also have a great part to play. Using the previous example, you might just keep the wall clock because your grandmother was the one who gave it to you, or it was the souvenir you got at last wedding you attended, and then you remember how much  you paid for the asoebi or even stressed yourself to arrive at the venue (lol).


A lot of other stuffs around the house can be treated like the wall clock here. Make the decisions you need to make and avoid being sentimental with things that are not useful to you. Some of us have clothes we can’t wear again, either because they aren’t our size or because we see them on other people (yea, some people like to have copyright to their clothes) and instead of giving them out to people who will wear them gladly, we keep the clothes hoping someday to  wear them or because it was our uncle in Canada that sent it to us, or better still,  it was very expensive when we bought them (hard-earned money for that matter).

Clusters are bad for every aspect of our lives relationships, health wise, socially etc. It’s even so bad that some people can’t let people come into their homes because of how cluttered it is, and when they need help, they can’t call people because they are not proud of their homes. No matter how small your home is, you shouldn’t be tensed when people want to come visiting, trash out items you no longer need, do not hamper your home with unnecessary waste, take care of that clutter today!!!



Neat and Trim is an indigenous start-up Company that deals with Organizing spaces, New home setup, de- cluttering, Closet organizing, Interior Designing, Domestic cleaning, Shop setup, Fumigation etc.

For more information on how to clear your space of clusters,  please visit these contacts for more details.

IG: @neat_and_trim

Facebook: Adedoyin Okeowo

Phone: 0703 391 2645

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