I Believe I Will Get There

I believe I will get there

The journey sure looks far with no vehicles to aid

Tiring and unfamiliar it feels walking down lonely paths


I may not know how the full script will play

I may not even have a script to start with right now

I just may have a nudge, an idea to build an enterprise

But someday

I believe I will get there


With my widows mite, dropping in the soil of time

And diligence accompanying per sec

I know of a truth

And I believe I will get there


I may see others taking the fast lane

I may cry most times alone on my lane

I may feel I am not moving

But I will not jump to another’s

To waste my time


My time will surely come

My work will shine for all to see

I will see the reward of my diligence

It may be today, tomorrow or the next

I can’t tell


But this I know

I won’t lose heart one bit

Because surely

I believe I will get there




About the author

Joyce Olawunmi


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