I made a terrible mistake and learned this….

I made a terrible mistake and was truly sorry about it. But this time, sorry wasnt sufficient enough. My attention was called again to this particular thing , and I had to deal with it.

This time, I wasnt even going to deny that I was lagging behind as I hadnt been paying so much attention to this area of my life.

I owned up

If it was the me some years ago, you know what I would have done? I would have rationalized it, till I concluded that I wasnt at fault and given myself all the cool excuses in the world. But doing that had never brought out the best in me. Instead, it kept me always pushing blames on others and never gave me an opportunity to learn and grow.

But I know better now…

And hence I am sharing this secret to learning freely with you. I know how the human flesh works, always wanting to insist on it’s own right and all. You sure wouldn’t blame you and I for feeling this way. Sometimes, the mind always wants to hold on to only that which it knows.

But a better approach to learning is this;

When someone calls your attention to something , either you are right or wrong, examine what the person has said critically first. Weigh the matter on all sides, using your impartial inner eyes even if you are at fault or not.


Decide that you will make the necessary adjustment. It is not just enough to know what to do, but much more better to put to practise what you know. What’s the point of being gifted a motor car that you know you would never use?

I also know this

That most times, it’s not like we don’t want to make these changes . But we often feel overwhelmed and feel that we have been viewed in that light by everyone and the changes we make will be insignificant for anyone to notice. I have often felt this same way severally, but you know what I have come to realise? The change is about me, to be done by me and will eventually benefit me in the long run.

So regardless of how I feel, I decide to pick myself up. If I need to sleep over the feeling to get my emotions in place, I do so, and afterwards, I come back to face the reality of change.No one is perfect, we all are striving to become better everyday, and you and I are NO EXEMPTIONS.

In Conclusion,

We all are learning and want to become better individuals. But learning doesnt only come by reading books, attending conferences, or listening to some self help podcast. Learning first starts with a willingness and openness to embrace changes, which most times, will be painful to the flesh.

And even when we experience such pain, we know that it is also part of the learning process.

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