I see it coming, it’s the sound of abundance

I see it coming
It’s like the smell of fresh air
I feel it so close
My breath cannot fail me this time

I see the miracle
I feel the wind of freshness
It comes from the south
The north I look and see

I see it coming
It’s the sound of abundance
There is rejoicing in my heart
I finally have the hold of my dream

I see it coming
I have never been this excited in a while
Some say it would not come
But I will keep hope alive
Just as Job did

I see it coming
I know I haven’t trusted in vain
My hope is ever alive
This is it and I know it

I see it coming
My days of waiting is over
Time is being kind to me now
And I won’t dare lose sight of it

I see it coming
I have so laboured  in the past
It’s time for me to be rewarded
Not just in cash but in kind

I see it coming
It’s the sound of abundance
For this is what I have always hoped for
And now I open up my hands
To receive it with great joy


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Joyce Olawunmi

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