If God has promised, so is it

If God has promised, so is it…

Dear friend, this is a short charge to encourage you, to keep holding on to the word of God. I know what it feels like to want and wait for something so badly, I know how it feels like to desire something, pray for it, and still have to wait for the manifestation of the promise, but in it all, God’s word never fails.


I know life can get very funny, times of highs and lows, times of utter confusion and maybe darkness too. That’s life! So while waiting for the manifestation of Gods promise over your life, it is very possible to grow weary in waiting, tired and burned out too. And in fact, you just may feel like giving up and quit believing. See, these things are real, they happen and I can so relate to these feelings. When you are at a crossroad in life, to decide whether or not to hold on to God’s word, please hold on to his word!

Know this

One of the greatest battles you will have to keep fighting as a believer is to safeguard the word of God in your heart. The devil’s number one mission is to steal, keep ad destroy. He sure wants to steal the word of God from you, take away your armoury and leave you bare. But please, never ever fall for his trick.

If you are going through stuffs right now in your life, and it feels like you are alone, please look up to the hills, and cry for help. While doing that:

  1. Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you.
  2. Always keep the word of God in your heart, for it is light to your feet and lamp to your path.
  3. Keep believing regardless of what happens, that if God has promised, so it is!


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