In 3 simple ways, discover your purpose

discover your purpose
discover your purpose

I am truly excited to talk on this topic discover your purpose. Of a truth, discovering who we truly are is the first step to satisfaction and true fulfillment in life. Howbeit, many struggle before discovering themselves.  The society keeps throwing images, flashes and pictures of who they think we should be, look like, feel like and act like. This societal definition of life may not seem so harmful in itself, but there is more to it if you searched beyond the surface.

Discovering yourself is about taking a deep dive into yourself, and uncovering the true person you should live up to. Many times, this is called discovering your purpose. I have seen, heard and even personally struggled with the issue of discovering my purpose for a long time.

Usually, it’s very easy to look at people doing stuff with their lives, and it feels like they’ve got the whole purpose thing figured out, and you just keep wondering, how or where to start from. Everyone is created with a unique potential to truly live out their destiny/ purpose, and that includes you! But then, the way to discover purpose is different for everyone. So don’t beat yourself up, feeling left out!

While still trying to discover your purpose, you can do the following

Dive into loving yourself

It is when you love yourself that you will even want to know details about yourself. Have you ever considered knowing what truly makes you happy? Have you ever watched out for those things you find very fascinating about yourself? Are you really loving yourself through life, or do you keep wishing you were another?

Loving yourself will open you up to knowing what you really can and should be doing with your life.

Embrace Living

The best way to discover your true purpose is to enjoy living life. So many people merely survive through life and don’t enjoy living it. Life should be lived, with thrills and lessons learned too. The best way to embrace life is to pick it a step at a time. Live life, love it…

Live Happily

Happiness is the new gold. A merry heart doeth good. So does the Holy Bible say. When you live happily, then you can truly discover hidden and deep things the heart is communicating to you about your purpose.


In Conclusion

You have the chance and opportunity to live your life right now! Don’t waste it trying to live another. Discover your purpose, and live your life to the fullest.



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