In this new week, gain mastery over your emotions

gain mastery over your emotions
gain mastery over your emotions

Hey believer, please accept this liberating truth, You are not to be controlled by your emotions. Sounds easy to the hearing right? these very words are life liberating.

So as a growing believer, one of the many struggles I have to face daily is the battle of gaining mastering over my emotions and doing the things of the spirit like praying, studying Gods word or even meditating on Gods’ promises to me. I don’t know how exciting your Christian walk has been for you, but mine has been one of many ups and downs, but in all, the Holy Spirit has always been there to cheer me on.

What I am learning about my Christian walk

So one of the many things I am learning lately is how to totally know that I am not controlled by my emotions. See, as believing believer in a city like Lagos, one of the many battles you have to fight is your emotions, gaining mastering over your emotions and actions. A very simple illustration is the mental battle you have to fight to keep praying even when you don’t want to. See one of my mentors will rightly say, ‘so if you haven’t been praying before, will not pray now make you overcome the guilt of not praying? ”  Not so beloved!

Mastering your emotions when relating to God

Another area where you have to gain mastery over your emotions is when you have lots of things on your mind and you need to talk to God.  See God is never far, neither is he tired of hearing from you. I know the trick of the devil is to make the challenges seem so big that you wonder if you can ever approach God with it. See, you can! Just go before the mercy throne, hand over your life to him, because that’s all you have, allow him to pamper you for real.


This post is one of those things that goes on within me on my walk with God.  How has walking with Jesus been for you? Have you always had it all good? Please drop a comment in the comment section and let us encourage each other.




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