In this New Year, do more with your life!

Do more with your life
Do more with your life

It’s the first day of the week, and I am speaking on the topic- do more with your life.  The year 2018 was sure a year I did so much with my life positively, and I know 2019 will be much better.

I have come to realize that one of the ways to do more with your life is to invest in books, great books. Not just own them but also read them too. I have this online book club I run to help people cultivate a consistent reading habit. If you need help reading helpful books, then send me a mail .  Before I digress so much from our topic, do more with your life, let me share some very interesting things I have been learning so far.

What does it mean to do more with your life?

To do more with your life simply means, do not be satisfied with where you are or what you have achieved. Reach for more, do more. I can tell you for free that we all have been divinely created by God with potentials to do more with our lives, it only takes us knowing what the ”More” to do is.

How to know the more to do with your life

There is no rocket science to this, knowing what the next big thing for you to do isn’t so difficult an exercise. These questions will help you:

  1. Are you currently engaged with doing productive things?
  2. What drive do you have to become better?
  3. Can you see big pictures of yourself?
  4. Do you constantly want to challenge yourself to become better?
  5. Do you want to maximize your potential?

Believe me, after answering these questions, your mind will surely be opened to seeing the ”More” you need to do. Hey, let’s crack this some more and talk about certain ways to do more with your life:

Do a retrospect to where you are right now and what you have achieved in the past

To be sincere, there is no progression without examining where you are right now. As I often advise, sit down, take a pen, consider the various areas of your life, write out where you are right now. This exercise will show you certain things you need to see. Check out this second point below.

Examine the things you need to work at and become better

You need to be guarded for the future, and the way to do so is to have the right tools. I will liken tools to mean mindsets, habits, and characters. Before you can start reaching to do more, you need to deal with some limiting tools, things such as procrastination, oversleeping (rolls eyes) and equip yourself with the right tools.

Be open to ideas

Hey friend, ideas don’t fall from the sky. They are planted in our hearts. If you want to know how to do more with your life, you need your eyes and mind to be open to ideas. Put your thinking cap on, challenge your imaginative prowess, think creatively.

In Conclusion

This post feels so long to me right now. Thank you for taking your time to read through. I hope this post has been very useful to you. Hey, hit the comment section of this post and share your thoughts on the subject matter. I will appreciate if you shared this post with your friends too.

Enjoy this inspiring video on how to do more with your life.







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