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It’s still the beginning of the Year, so don’t give up yet

Don’t give up yet- Written by Okediran Adeyemi

Life is full of twists and turns
And presents different opportunities our way
The many gyrations which are needed to make an enterprise thrive
Or the need to get a venture launched

Recently, the occasions of humans committing suicide blew me off
Just thinking,
Did they ever consider separation from family and friends forever
Or the many groanings that happens beneath the ground afterwards?

Life is full of twists and turns
With stretched open roads
Which every one folk must research for himself,
Even though failure moat times will lead you to a brand new place
You never imagined you will get to

Life is full of twists and turns
Sometimes it’s easy to stay charged up
Other times sticking it out might feel like the direst thing to do,
Whichever way it is,
Perseverance is needed in life to be successful

Life continually seems to provide us with innumerable challenges
And issues on a day by day basis
It throws left hooks whilst we have been expecting proper ones
It offers us apples while we desire oranges
It even offers us with seemingly lousy surprises that we weren’t expecting
And bloat us with negative feelings
That has a tendency to tie us down to a  lifestyles of mediocrity and unhappiness

But despite all of this,
It isn’t so much what happens to us that virtually makes a difference
But rather what we do with what happens to us that determines where we eventually will end up
What we are able to have, and how we can be converted by way of our experiences

You may say
What if fresh ideas are not coming to me
And I start to feel like a growing older tiger
Who was once agile, territorial, and modern at his competencies
Shouldn’t this be enough reason for me to give up?

But learn from great Athletes and Entrepreneurs
Who despite great challenges they face
Push through it all to rise to the top
And make a name for themselves

Don’t give up
Life dishes out its share to everyone here on earth
But always remember this simple life lesson
There is going to be light at the end of the Tunnel
And with perseverance and consistency
You surely will get to your desired end


Please watch this inspiring video on why you should not give up





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