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Just before the Next Big Thing

It’s such a happy Monday here at my end and I am excited to be putting up this post; Just before the ”Next Big Thing”. Like all the post I write here on my blog, I am always inspired by something, or someone before doing so and this post was inspired by an experience I had over the weekend.

My Experience

Over the weekend, I was speaking with a mentor, telling him of all the next big goals I would love to achieve. I felt so excited talking about the ”Next Big Thing” I would be doing, and sought his opinion on them. Interestingly, after listening to me, he didn’t think it was the right time for me to make such major steps yet. He gave me good reasons why I could always achieve those goals at a later time. As we spoke, I initially felt unhappy, as I had already planned on the ”Next Big Thing” I would be doing, but his call just chilled all my emotions down.

Interestingly, that wasn’t my first of time discussing my goal plans with him, and he as always cheered me on. I knew deep down that what he asked that I do was actually what would be good for me as he always had my best interest at heart.

After the call, I went on to do a self-evaluation of all the ”Next Big Thing”(s)  I was proposing to do, and I discovered I wasn’t ready for them. I recalled another thing he told me to do. He asked that I focused my energy on developing the initial things I was already doing… wowww, I felt so much peace within me afterwards, as I decided to do as I was told.

Of course, ruminating over our discussion, I realised that there were some lessons I learned from the experience and hence I decided to share some of them below:

Lessons I learned

  1. Having a mentor will save you from a lot of error in life.
  2. Be open to learning always, sometimes your ways might not just be the right way.
  3. Just before you jump to the ”Next Big Thing”, master the old, and be fully ready for such leap.
  4. Always dream big, dream wide and dream far, but then, there is a time and purpose for everything to be done.
  5. Whenever you are corrected over a matter,  try to see deeply what is being said and make the necessary adjustments.

In Conclusion

I trust that you have been inspired by this post. Have you had a similar experience like this? what did you learn to from it? Please share your experience with me in the comment section.

PS: If you will you like to speak with me to discuss on your ”Next Big Thing”, please do send me a mail, I will be willing to listen and to share some counsel with you.







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  • I wholeheartedly agree with the five points you mentioned. Having a great and visionary mentor is the best thing that can happen to someone but they aren’t always 💯% right on everything.

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