Keep believing it will come to pass!

How do you feel when holding on and believing for something for a long time? Do you feel discouraged, energised or hopeful? Personally, I believe that when believing/ hoping for something, the process you pass through before materially having your request delivered to you is the real deal!

So here I am sitting on my office chair, and thinking of how it feels like to wait for a promise. I remember that I am very much in this system and I have lots of things I am believing God for. I know that having these things materially would make me feel very fulfilled.

But now that I don’t have them yet, so what?

One interesting thing about believing for something is the kind of mindset/ person you become while waiting. I know this post isn’t all about what to do when waiting for the fulfilment of a promise, but to encourage you through the journey. Life has various systems and mechanisms that it serves us all. For some, they get what they desire earlier, for others, they have to wait a bit longer for this.

Life is unfair!

I have come to know this a long time ago. And this in a way has helped my outlook to life. It is just interesting to know that we all are different and have our unique life experiences.  But in all, one thing that is sure is that we all would get to an end.

When believing God for the fulfilment of a promise, please do not go through that season alone. Neither should you think that what you are believing for will not come to pass

Should you be in need of encouragement while waiting, then  do the following:

  1. Be open to God always about how you feel
  2. Keep reminding him about his promise to you
  3. Never give up, keep holding on


That dream/ desire you have in your heart will surely come to pass. Do not allow your present realities to make you give up. Because if you faint not, the promise will surely come to pass.





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