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Kenny Adeyelu shares tips that helped her in the year 2018

Kenny Adeyelu sure had a fantastic  2018 and she is ready for the New Year 2019. I am so excited to have her share with us some of the many things she learned in 2018. I can tell you for free, you are about to get inspired! So sit back and enjoy this inspiring piece.

Hello to you! I am sharing below some tips that helped me navigate through the year  2018 amongst others. You can find one or more of it useful in  2019, who can tell?

Here we go…

  1. Always put God first. Don’t be emotional about decisions, life is about taking a risk.
  2. Don’t imitate other’s goal.  Set yours according to your life purpose (though you may appreciate other’s goals, don’t abandon yours. Stay focused!).
  3. Friendship expires. Don’t wallow on what you have to let go.
  4. You are your best fan. Cheer yourself up always.
  5. Appreciate and reward your achievement. No matter how little it seems.
  6. You only have your best interest at heart, thus strive to be better daily.
  7. Don’t burn bridges, but remember not to hold back if a plausible discussion is no longer served on the table.
  8. Learn new skills if need be. (There will always be a need for it, truthfully)
  9. Make use of social media to your advantage. Be careful what you post, nothing gets deleted online,  it is saved for the future.
  10. Don’t stop networking, be prepared for opportunities.
  11. Read not what only interest you, but also what adds value to you as well.
  12. Have a good relationship with people, but be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Thank you for reading this, stay winning in 2019.


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