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One of my favourite quotes remains: “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.” I remember when my youngest sister started walking, taking her very first steps, quite an amazing scene it was for me, of course. We all have such experiences at one point in time of our lives. Growing up has been quite challenging for me especially in the aspect of allocating my scarce resources to meet my unending needs. Sometimes, it could be that I don’t have ready cash at hand and I have to board a ‘Keke’ to the nearest ATM to make a withdrawal. At times I wouldn’t even have that precious 50 Naira to get to the bank.

Then a friend introduced me to a KOLO-SAVE (some idea). She said I should set aside N50 daily whenever I got back from work in a KOLO. Initially, I thought the idea was absurd as I was so used to buying the ‘unnecessaries’ with change in my purse like N100. But after a while I decided to brace up to the 20 days challenge which she set for me. I discovered that after a period of 20 days,i was able to realise 2000 naira from my KOLO savings. I was amazed at how my little -but now much- 100 had accumulated. So here’s the the gist: It took me accepting, applying and disciplining myself to embark on this challenge and Yes, it worked for me.


For you,it might just be that spanking new idea you have to keep at, or that daily weight loss exercise, or that anger reduction challenge you are consciously working at. Just keep at it because your seemingly little effort will yield great dividends for you soonest.

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  • Mine is not even ordinary kolo, i build my own with iron. Whenever I want the money inside i hav to take it to a welder to cut…..

  • Yes you are really on point with this article about KOLO-SAVE, it’s really a means of savings. I could remember when i was still a kid, my grandma bought me this KOLO so that i can use it to keep money, and i could remember that the money i got inside it after a month plus was much nd i used it to buy CANVAS that use to ON light for myself. Am really impressed with this dear, keep it up….

  • Lol… My Kolo save. Remembered those days of growing up. I would load up #5 , #10 and #20 notes inside my clay Kolo. I have to destroy the save afterwards. But indeed it worked. ?

  • Wow! Nice piece there. Even the most insignificant droplets will fill a drum. Just give it time. I’ve always been a saver but not in this light. With this, I believe I can develop self-discipline and consistency while investing the proceeds from my Kolo every 21days. I’m off to practice this.
    Many thanks Wunmi.

  • kolo saving was a big deal for me oo….initially i’lld gather all the money by christmas to purchase banger(fireworks) which was on the same level with any other gift especially during this period but as one grew older it migrated to clothes and shoes(with addition from my parents)….this is a great article Joyce,Thank you and God bless you for bringing the memory and with the way banks are going today,one might even prefer the kolo system sef.

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