Learn How To Discover Your Talent In 3 Simple Ways

discover your talent
discover your talent

I have been asked this question severally – Do you know how to discover your talent? Whilst I cannot say there is a rigid way to discover your talent, I know some pointers will greatly help. I hear a lot of people say I do not know how to discover my talent, I cannot say what I am talented at, and truly, they are being genuine when they say this. I often feel their pulse and heart wish, and usually, wish I could tell them off-hand what their talent is. But since I am not the Almighty, I also do not have such superpowers, but I know deep down that there is a way I can help on this.

On how to discover your talent

I will like to say, at some point or the other, we all have to answer this question.  For me, I won’t say I woke up overnight and discovered my talent and started out using it. It took me a great time and deal to finally answer the question – how to discover your talent, and today, I can freely talk about it. After I was able to answer the question truly and deeply, I realized that I gifted in so many some ways, of which writing is one.  I remember recently sharing my writing story on one of the leading tech blogs in Nigeria. I shared on how I finally began to start showing my writing in public. Seeing my blog and all, you might want to think I started out writing a very long time ago, but truth is, I have always been a writer, but the boldness to share my writings openly only came some few years ago. I often still often ask myself am I really gifted at this thing?


Say what?

I recently got to ask myself some very vital questions in my heart. So if you are not gifted at this thing, what haven’t you stopped writing? If you don’t believe in it, why do you often want people to read your blog? When I searched deeply, I came to realize that the bedrock of all my ‘’what if’’ assumptions were fear of the unknown.  I had this fear, and I am gradually overcoming it daily by doing what I ordinarily will not think I can do.


On the matter of how to discover your talent

I will like to urge you that this exercise isn’t a fruitless one, neither is it something you won’t be able to do. You were created to originally discover your talent and fulfill a purpose.  I have noticed that the kind of fear I had with writing, some couple other people too have the same, and hence do not maximize their potential. In light of this, I have decided to share from my own personal experience some of the ways I discovered my unique talent and I hope this helps you too


Discover that thing you find your passion drawn to

This is not a hooky spooky exercise. We all are created differently and have our individual preferences too. That which you like might not be what I like, that’s what makes us unique and different. Every day, as you go about your duties, be observant of yourself. Furthermore, find out that thing you always constantly want to get involved with. See, look no further to discover your talent,  this my friend is within you.


Be attentive to what people say about you

In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses, the truth is established. How do you react when someone gives you a compliment of something you just did? Say, for example, you led a group of friends to achieve a goal. This exercise just might mean that you have great leadership skills that you can develop over time. To discover your talent, be aware of what others are saying about. This, my friend, might just be the pointer you need.


Discover your talent by being aware of yourself

See, being aware of yourself and your uniqueness will give a great indicator of what your unique talent is. The greatest way to fully recognize what your talent is by self-awareness. As you go through life, take note of yourself and the things you do. And when you have been able to discover your talent, have the self-courage to nurture it to the fullest.



It is my desire that this post inspires you to find out that very thing you are great at. But beyond discovering it,  work hard, and become the best at it.  Simply put, Discover and bless humanity with your talent.




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