Lesson from Anfield 2019- Never Give Up

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Never give up!!

This is the greatest lesson I learned from yesterday’s football match between Barcelona and Liverpool. Anyway, I am still in shock over the final result of the match.

Liverpool 4, Barcelona 0

I won’t pretend and act like I watched the entire match or I am a Liverpool fan, but yesterday after the match, one thing kept echoing in the mouth of football fans around me, on my social media status and even in their discussion- Never Give Up. As a sharp babe that I am, I quickly made further enquiries on what this slogan -Never Give Up meant in this crucial game. Graciously, a friend of mine explained it to me.

He told me that just barely a week ago, Barcelona won Liverpool 3-0 at their home (camp nou).  And for Liverpool to qualify for the UEFA finals, they would need to score 4 goals without conceding against Barcelona in the return leg at an aggregate of 4-3  (which seemed kinda impossible really). After he finished telling me the short story, I finally understood what Never Give Up really meant.


I am here just thinking of what it must have cost  Liverpool to record such success at the match, and I realised that much more than just being physically fit to play the game, there were some other factors that must have attributed to the team’s success.

Well, I am taking a cue from their victory yesterday, and I want to believe that these things  helped them record such a win:

  1. They were determined to win.
  2. They never gave up on the possibilities of winning.
  3. They played their heart out.
  4. They were not intimidated about their previous loss.
  5. They played together as a team to win.

In Conclusion

Liverpool showed the whole world yesterday that indeed there can always be a come back after a great defeat, and this is a great life lesson we all can learn and apply to our lives.  That at the end of the day, there will always be a victory if we Never Give Up.


Hey,  watch the highlight of the match here:




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