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Lessons I learned from the book Soar by TD Jakes

Soar by TD JAKES
Soar by TD JAKES

I felt so excited reading the book Soar by TD Jakes. After I listened to TD Jakes interview with Stephen Furtick, I knew immediately that I had to read the book too.  The highlight of the book talks on having an idea, creating something useful from the idea, and furthermore, soaring with your idea.

In this post, I am sharing 11 of the most interesting things I learned from the book Soar by TD Jakes. Enjoy!

Lessons from Soar by TD Jakes

1. Its good to have a vision, kickstart with it from ground level, but you need additional information and skill set to scale with it. This is called seeing into the future and looking up more ways to do things.

2. You do not just wake up one day to soar, you build up to scale up.

3. For every idea you have, you need a good publicity plan to show the world what you’ve got.

4. Launch out an idea with an end in mind- To succeed.

5. Whatever venture you want to kick start, you need adequate time for preparation. It is when preparation meets with an opportunity that we have lasting success.

6. To do what you truly have to do, you need to separate emotions from your actions.

7. This is what you do with ideas: Testing, Trying, Experimenting, Adjusting, Researching and Regrouping.

8. Ideas are powerful. That’s what you first need to soar. Afterward, you need the perseverance to remain in the air and fly higher.

9. You need to go above the usual if you want to soar. Do beyond the norm, set record for yourself and break them.

10. One of the greatest hindrances to success is that people want to please everybody with their idea. Let’s face it, you cannot be everything to everyone, so don’t try. You need to be super comfortable in your skin, and at the same time, believe in yourself and your idea to come to limelight, then you soar.

11. Your success should never be measured against others’ own. Run your own race and soar!


I really enjoyed reading the book Soar by TD Jakes and I recommend it to you. As we count down to the New Year 2019, plan to SOAR HIGH with your dreams all through the year. To get a copy of Soar by TD Jakes, please visit any bookstore close to you.


PS: The video below is an excerpt of the book by the Author himself



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