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Lessons to Learn from the Book – Deep Work by Cal Newport

There is no better way to start the second quarter of the year than to talk about new principles to support growth. Can I ask, how the first quarter of the year was for you? Did you achieve your set out goals? what did you learn to do differently?

Personally, I learned a lot, but what stood out for me most was a new concept I learned- Deep Work  from Cal Newports’ book.  In this post, I will be sharing insights I learned from the book and I trust you will learn a lot from it.

4 Life Lessons I have learned from the book- Deep Work by Cal Newport

The concept on Deep Work is centered around how we need to train our brain, be self disciplined to be able to churn out anything worthwhile in life.  Deep Work is seen as an in-demand skill often possessed by a few of the population, and these are the people that actually control things in the world. This means that if you want to be an authority in any field, you must be able to commit to Deep Work by applying the following:

Self Discipline

To engage in Deep Work, you need a level of self discipline. This can be by scheduling your daily activities and following through with them. Practically, your daily schedule should include apportioning time for each activity you want to achieve. This also means that as you make plans,  you also dedicate time to review them. Tis can be done weekly, to help you measure your progress and identify  areas you need to work on.,

Maintaining Focus on Your Goals

Deep Work  means that you create a time daily, where you are constantly focused on a thing/goal, until you complete work on it  A lot of things we engage in such as frequently checking emails, social media isn’t so important after all . Studies have shown that we can actually survive and live a relational life if we don’t engage in some daily activities that takes so much of our time but doesn’t add up to the goal we have to achieve.

Create an Enabling  Environment to Grow

To engage in Deep Work, you need to find the right environment that will enable you to think on what to do. For some, a place of nature will do, for some others it might mean visiting a new location where you can be alone to think.  Sometimes, we might want to engage in Deep Work, but then, our daily schedule wont just afford us the opportunity to do so. But it is possible to engage in Deep Work no matter how busy your schedule is. Times when you are engaged physically but not mentally can be a good time to  apply Deep Work by focusing on a goal and thinking of what you can do on it.

Expend Your Energy Rightly

The principle of Deep Work states that you don’t need to do everything at the same time, you only need to be focused on that one big thing you want to be known for and major on becoming the best at it.  For example, if you want to become a skilled writer, what you need do is to focus on the art and act of writing squarely. To do this, keep writing consistently, reading voraciously, and taking trainings that will help you become a better writer.

In Conclusion

Speaking of Deep Work, Sir Albert Einstein said this-   We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. The world needs creative ideas to solve the its past, current and even future problems. And it is only by applying the principle of Deep Work , that we can we truly proffer the right kind of solutions that the world needs.

I have the free ecopy of the book Deep Work by Cal Newport. If you will like to read the book, Please send me a mail-


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