LESSONS FROM MY WRITING PAD: Written by Dr Olawunmi Adewole

For a long time, I had a bad habit of always canceling my writings and rewriting them (those who grew up with me know this) .It was one habit that I really wanted to change, but I obviously didn’t know how to go about it. One day, I went to a bookstore with a dear friend who thought it wise to buy me a ‘‘Writing pad ‘’. The Writing pad was so beautiful from the cover design to the leaves, within and without, . I instantly fell in love with it, but I thought, ‘’ is this not also going to end up like my other writing pads-empty, because I have cancelled everything in it ?.

But being that I loved this my new ‘’Priceless possession’’, I tended it with care, always kept it safe in my bag and ensured that its leaves are neat as possible. I was so careful with it. My writing pad became a part of me; I would carry it along wherever I went and scribble down notes in it at intervals. From time to time, I discovered that I was writing more often and I hadn’t cancelled my writings in months….

The kind of attention I had for my new writing pad just reminded me of how much attention we could place on things we considered valuable to us . This is no different from how God expects us to value his Word and make a daily habit of living it out.By his word,he counsels,admonishes and helps us navigate through life. His instructions are not “burdensome” as some think.For example, the book of Proverbs tells us to gird our lions with Truth. Truth is a garment we can and should wear about(so true) .

Everyone that has an assignment to fulfill on Earth must live a life of truth. This attitude beautifies life and makes one attractive to those who would help us. If at very compromising situations we choose to stand for the truth ,it will be easy for people to vouch for our credibility and recommend us for opportunities that we most likely aren’t qualified for.

If you take a stand for truth, you won’t be tossed about like a “toy”,you will be valueable just as I couldn’t mess up my writing pad.

Do you desire to wield influence in your generation? ,then take a stand for truth. Lie is common, truth is consecrated. Be valueable like my writing pad.

Ps : I have become generally more careful in writing now becasue my writing pad has helped me appreciate the inspiration that flows through my pen

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  • Wow so true and so much to learn from this post. More wisdom is added u as u continue to make positive impact with your writtings

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