Act as much as you pray!!!

Let me relay an experience I had few days ago that taught me a lesson.
I had not eaten a good meal in a long while, you know all those “type of food you can long throat for: Chinese fried rice , Chicken club sandwich,Classic Pepperoni , Mozzarella sticks, Mushroom Risotto , Spaghetti meatballs , Pizza stromboli ,ooooo the list is endless.

Though I really wanted to eat something away from the usual, I dared not step into any eatery with my current account statement, after they give me an exorbitant bill, I will choose to either wash plates or mob the floor to offset it.

So jejely respecting myself, I kept my desire to myself and continued eating from my regular Iya buka joint ,at least those food taste good and dont kill. But you know the desirous me, I still went about fantasizing about those ‘good meal’ in my mind (not dream o),knowing I won’t have to pay any bill there.

Me and my big mouth, while gisting with a friend one day, I told him my desire to eat a good meal (out of the abundance of my heart I spoke).Sincerely the intention was to just gist-gist but when we were done gisting, he offered to pay for my ‘desired meal’ .There and then, I didnt act as though the money meant nothing to me, I gracefully received it with thanksgiving.

As I ate my ‘long – throated meal’, a quote I read some time ago came to mind “Stop praying about what you know you can readily provide solution to”
If my friend had just said a word of prayer or done nothing about my desire after telling him, I won’t be sharing this today .

In life, we could be in a position to receive a gift,times like that, lets recognise and appreciate God for the provision (I don’t mean to say go about telling everyone about your need and expecting them to respond positively). Some might not be disposed to render such help, Other times, we just might have the means to meet a need. Don’t ignore or start conducting series of prayers to get a leading
Act fast and simply be a blessing!!!!
For If we want God to commit great wealth to us
We should start responding to such nudges on giving because ‘Praying without corresponding action is dead’

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