Let’s start off by setting smaller goals

Let’s start off by setting smaller goals!!

If there is one topic I speak on so passionately, it is goal setting. I love this topic so well because personally, I have experienced the tremendous impact this habit has had on me. For today, I would like us to consider goal setting in another light.

What does it even mean for one to set goals?

Setting goals mean having a plan and devising means and activities that must be followed for the plan to be executed within a time frame. Simply put, it means planning to do a thing. A lot of times, when we think of setting goals we often think goal setting is only done for big achievement, but it is not. You can set goals for any area of your life. Just for laughs my colleague at work sets a time reminder on his phone to eat during work hours. This sounds so funny, but it helps him remember to eat daily. (lol)

You know what?

Setting goals in different areas of your life can help you become a more organised person. It helps you maintain your focus on what needs to be done as at when due.  One reason I have observed that prevents people from setting goals is that they believe it is such a tedious exercise that requires so much time and energy but really, that’s not the truth of it. If you are just getting started to set goals, then start by setting smaller goals that you can quickly execute and track.

In my latest post on Bella Naija, I spoke about setting smaller goals like reading a book within a month. There are simple principles that you can use to actually finish up a book within a month. Furthermore, you can also set goals on how you intend to eat, exercise and relax daily. This can be as small as setting out a 15 minutes time during the day to execute any of the proposed activities.

Do you know what I have also noticed about setting goals?

Goal setting is a good practice, but it is much more important that you execute the set goals. It is better to set smaller goals that you can track and execute than to set bigger goals that will forever remain in a journal. Setting smaller goals don’t in any way make you less futuristic. In fact, by mastering this art of setting smaller goals, you will be able to apply the same principles to setting bigger goals, such as quarterly, yearly or even life goals.


I created a goal-setting workbook that can help you set, track and execute your goals. Click this link to get a copy.

PS: Would you need to speak to me further on learning the act of setting goals, please send me a mail to I would be glad to work and walk you through the process.


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