It’s a brand new week, let’s talk goal setting

Goal setting
Goal setting

Hey guys, I am so glad to talk on goal setting in this new week. I really do feel excited sharing on this topic for so many reasons. One of which is, I have seen my life improve over time by simply setting goals to key areas of my life. Hey, I didn’t get off this goal setting game overnight, it took me some good time to understand and apply it.

Yayy, why have I decided to talk on goal setting?

I realize of late that, my mind and emotions have been drawn to this topic. And not just for myself, I see most of my mentors and role models consistently set goals to key areas of their lives and smash them accordingly (this is a good practice for all to emulate). So let’s say this post is one of the rumblings of my heart (not rant oo). So, exactly last week Thursday, a sharp thought struck in my heart about this ‘goal setting’’ thing:

‘’It isn’t yet a goal until there is an actionable plan with a definite timeline to it’’

Well, if you are new to this goal setting thing, I will like to give a brief introduction into what goal setting is.

What is goal setting?

I really do love this definition given by the Balance small business in one of their articles – Goal setting practice for small business success. According to the article, Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire. I like to simplify this definition- Goal setting involves deciding what you want and crafting out plans to achieve them. Easy right?

I guess many people engage in the practice of goal setting, but some never actualize their goals. Hmm, whilst I am still learning on this goal setting thing, I will share below, 3 of the ways I have learned to set and achieve goals.

By writing down your ideas

I know I talk a lot about writing, this isn’t because I am a writer oo. Well, I have read over time that there is a greater possibility of achieving any idea written down. Ok, let’s bring this down-home a bit. If you want to build a house, do you just tell your contractors what to do from your head? You don’t!

By doing this, there is a greater possibility that you miss out on some very vital information as the project commences. Well, this is the same with any idea you have. If you fail to write them down, there is greater possibility that you miss out on some on your very genuine ideas over time. I love to say that the very first step to realistic goal setting is that you write down your ideas.

Set down actionable plans to your idea

Having an idea isn’t the ultimate in goal setting. You also need to have a plan for what you want to achieve. You might want to say, how do I set out actionable plans? This can help you:
1. Write down what needs to be done.
2. Determine all the milestone steps you need to take to achieve that idea.
3. List out all the resources you need to achieve each milestone step. This can include the people you need to talk to, the places you need to go, the resources you need to read (online, offline, books, materials, journals etc).
4. Take action immediately and exactly.

Set definite timelines to your goals

This is the big bang in goal setting. I hear a lot of people say, errhmm, I set a lot of goals in my life, but I wonder why I don’t get to achieve them. And when they say this, they are very genuine. Just ask them this simple question- Did you set timelines to each milestone plan? And their answer is NO.  See, I have come to realize that any written down goal without a definite timeline is just a wish-wash in the heart.

To help our understanding further, set timelines in terms of days and do a good countdown to it. But when setting timelines, please set very realistic timelines. Goal setting isn’t as hard as you have always thought, it is just about applying very simple principles that work for you.



Goal setting is an exercise that is open to all. It isn’t for a select few. If you want to see drastic changes in any area of your life, use the above principles to set goals to it.

Hey, I hope this post was helpful to you? If you need help with setting very realistic goals, please reach out to me in the comment section of this post, or send me a mail:


I would be glad to hear from you.


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