Life Lessons From The Ongoing 2018 World Cup Games

The World Cup is one of the most unifying events that brings the human race together.  It cuts across religion, belief, color, race, or even Gender. Watching the ongoing 2018 world cup game holding in Russia further confirms this statement. With various countries competing against each other, and fans gather from all around the world cheering their team.

As a patriotic citizen, I am supporting my beloved country –  Nigeria even though we conceded 2 goals to Croatia in our first match appearance, I still believe in our team’s victory. Watching the Croatian team beat my country at the opening match taught me something about their team: they came well prepared to the world cup.  Even when they played the big “Argentine team”, they beat them 3-0.


Cross section of the Nigerian team at the 2018 world cup

I have also watched some other teams and Individuals perform excellently well in their matches, especially the world best player having a score record of 4 goals in 2 match appearance. As I watch the world cup game, one thing is clearly seen, teams performing well came prepared to win. There has also been embarrassing disgrace to big teams who relied on only past record and glory to win the world cup.  In the words of my friend, this is the most shocking world cup game ever. 

Having watched just few matches in the ongoing world cup game, I have learned great life lessons and I am sharing some of them below:

  1. Don’t act too familiar with a process no matter how long you have been at it. Reinvent, strategise, and find new ways of doing things.
  2. If your plan A isn’t working, have a plan B that you can quickly switch to.  Whatever strategy you choose to apply, be sure it has been well thought of.
  3. Be well prepared to attack life battles. You do not prepare for a battle when the battle is on, but rather when there isn’t even a need/ reason to do so. In the post 5 ways to living life effectively, I shared on how you can apply the right principles to winning life battles ( You can read it up to learn more).
  4. There are no giants in this life that can hinder you from achieving your goals. Once you set your mind to winning.
  5. In life, always be prepared for the best, and even if it doesn’t come, never give up, keep moving.

Today, I write this post from a very excited corner of my room having seen my beloved country win their first world cup match applying these same principles.

If these principles worked for them, they can for you too!


PS : Here is the highlight of Nigeria’s win against Iceland.


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