Living an extra-ordinary Life

Do you want to life an extra-ordinary life? What do you want from life? I find these questions important to be answered by everyone. This should also be the motivation for how we relate to life and the things we do.  I know everyone wants different things from life, but I have a contemplation in this post.

So Here is My Thought:

Should we all not want to live a better life?

I believe that even if you were born with an inheritance attached to your name and a lifetime opportunity to living a luxurious life, you should still desire to get more out of life. There is a reason why everyone was created on earth, and that is often called our purpose on earth. Inside each of us is the potential to add flavour to the world, and make it a better place for living.

What happens most times is that people live life as though there are manuals and codes of conduct that must be adhered to strictly. No room for exploring, or even pushing for something better. Just like they are on earth to live for themselves alone. I believe that a good life is one lived impacting and blessing others. And most often than not, this does not happen by the mere rules and regulations laid down by the world system and people. It is about pushing beyond boundaries and limitation.

You know what?

It is good to live the regular life, but much better to live an extra-ordinary life. A life full of adventures, and exploring all the potentials that God has placed inside of you.  It is good to see and admire others, who are doing extraordinary things, maximizing their potentials, but know this, you can also do the same thing. Yes, you can be the go-getter individual in your family, circle and even amongst your peers. It all depends on the demands you place on your life.

I can tell you this truth

Living the extraordinary life won’t come so easy. It will require much discipline, execution, goal setting, bouncing back after a fall, and remaining focused regardless of what comes your way. Please don’t settle for just anything that life throws at you. There is a more to press into, a more to become, and a better life to live.

Live an extra-ordinary life!!!


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