How To Maintain a Consistent Prayer Life

Consistent prayer life
Consistent prayer life

In this post, Toluwalase Adeyeye shares practically how to maintain a consistent prayer life while running a very busy schedule. Toluwalase is Barrister by profession and also the convener of Women on Assignment (WOA), a ministry that inspires women to discover their purpose and stir them up to live for same. Read and be blessed.

One of the important things to note is that living in a busy city like Lagos should not be a barrier to developing a consistent Prayer life.  There should be nothing, and no place to separate you from the highest desire to communicate with God. The challenges of consistently praying daily is common to all, but we all have different responses to these challenges.

For someone like me, who grew up in the city of Ibadan, went to university in a spiritual atmosphere like – Obafemi Awolowo University, keeping up with my consistent prayer schedule after I relocated to work an 8 – 6 pm in a bubbling city like Lagos was such a big deal for me. At first, I felt a bit discouraged not been able to keep up with my prayer schedule, but then, the Holy Spirit taught me some practical ways to doing so.

Before we delve into developing a consistent prayer life, I want us to know that above anything else, Prayers is a one on one communication with God. So answering the question “Can I communicate with God everywhere and at every time?” The answer is YES.  The book of Mathew 27: 50- 51 and Hebrews 10: 19 – 23 tells us that now that the veil has been removed, we have free access to God, and hence can take advantage of the access to pray. In this dispensation we pray limitless, without time limit but yet, it’s important to have daily Godly routine.

In light of this, I will be sharing practical ways that has helped me maintain a consistent prayer life, and it will be of great benefit to you

Maximizing Time Spent In Traffic

One of the best places to pray is in traffic, like seriously you can pray underneath your breathe or by silently muttering words, listening to music or an audio bible. This act will help you create an atmosphere that aids your prayer life. Most times, the issue is that we are waiting for a comfortable place to pray, like in a room lifting up holy hands and voice to God. Whist I cannot whittle down the importance of this, it is also important to do the needful in circumstances which you find yourself. By God’s Grace, I have had superb communion in traffic and I get home refreshed. You can take advantage of this too.

Scheduling Short Time to Pray

This is very practical. You schedule a 10 minutes hourly or quarterly during the day. For example, if I decide to pray 10 minutes every hour or quarterly by 9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm, at the end of the day, I would have prayed for 50 minutes. If you decide to pray every 2 hours, you can also apply the same 10 minutes schedule. I particularly love the quarterly hour prayer schedule. It helps keep me focused and conscious about praying. Just before praying, you can pick a scripture and meditate on it, have a sticky note or a small journal around your desk and then pray with it as led by the Holy Spirit, you don’t have to make noise about this. This will help keep your Spirit aglow all through the day. I must emphasize that it is important to be discreet about this, understand your office and what works.


For me, there are days I go to court and I know the judge would not be sitting early, but of course I have to be there early. Having read the file, and being sure on the possible questions that might come up, I take out time to pray, o yes in the court room. I could sit beside you praying and you probably would not even know what I am doing. You don’t have to shake all the tables for everyone to know you are praying. So depending on what takes your time the most, create a prayer schedule around it.


Praying At All Times To Maintain a Consistent Prayer Life

Waking up early is Lagos’ signature! Most times, I don’t have the time to sit and pray before I leave for work, but while brushing, bathing, combing my hair, I make melody in my heart to God. You can also do same by telling him how much you love Him, committing your day before Him as you step out, and saying a simple good morning Holy Spirit will help too.

Also, think of Prayer and how to include it in your busy schedule, if you start your day with the mind-set and focus that I have to pray, not as a religious activity but as a necessary relationship that I must have with the Father, then this is the first point of call.


Creating Deliberate Time to Pray

You can plan your schedule to get to work very early before your other colleagues, take advantage of the time before work starts and pray in your office. You can also move around your office street and pray before work. Back then in OAU days, we usually call it “tongue spree”. This might not work as you might want to conserve your energy for a productive day. But I suggest you create time to read a bible verse at the office or listen to a worship song. This will help greatly.

Furthermore, depending on your schedule and time, your lunch hour is also a great time to pray. You can split the period into two, spend half time at lunch, and the remaining half time at the library or somewhere to pray. While praying at your office, be discreet about it.


Praying at Weekends

Weekends are the best time to have long straight periods to pray. If your week days are usually very busy and you can’t pray for long hours, then maximize your weekends. Weekends can be more like make up days for you. But if you have to work on weekends you can still plan your schedule around it too.



It’s important to know that Praying consistently must be a lifestyle and not just a religious activity. You must see it as a necessity to you, not something optional, but highly compulsory. Just as you can have time to bath, eat, sleep, keep up with friends, and also create time to pray whenever and wherever. Simply ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the technique that will be of help to you, and he sure will.


To learn more and connect with Toluwalase, please visit her IG page: women_onassignment




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