Making moves, having the right character

You sure must have heard of MOVES before. In simple terms, it means a change of direction, place and status. And I can tell you that in my generation, this is one of the most frequent words I hear.

I have spoken a lot about goal setting on my blog here, and how important it is to have a clearly defined goal you are reaching for per time. But in this post, I will like to flip the coin the other way round and tell you what more you need to achieve your goal, and make the most moves.

So often time, we know the importance of making moves and acting on our big goals, but we aren’t reminded so often to relish our current state and generate enough energy to move to the next stage.

So you wanna ask me. Is staying too long at a phase, not enough reason to move to the next?

Well, I believe that time is a great reason to be considered when making moves, but more importantly, it is of great value to know why you want to move in the first place.

I remember vividly when I needed a job, I kept sending my CV to recruiting firms (this is not a bad practice), but I realised that I wasn’t emotionally and skillfully ready for the new job. And at that point, I realised that all the moves I was making to get a new job were just efforts not producing much result.

What I did differently

I changed my orientation from one just looking for a new job, to one who wanted to add value to whichever organisation I was going into. I stopped thinking of my current state as the worst anyone could be at, I basically changed from desperation to enjoying the now, while I wait to the better.

And after doing this, I found out that there were areas of my life, pieces of baggage that I needed to deal with before making moves. The right character needed to be formed in me for where I wanted to get to. So I opened up myself to the change. I can tell you that the character formation didn’t come to me so easily, it was tough on my skin, there were days I didn’t want to learn, but I kept at it.

I eventually got a job afterwards, but what I learned from that experience will stay with me forever:

  1. Sometimes, we aren’t ready for what we so clamour for to have. We just might need to look in to see what we truly need
  2. Your current state isn’t the worst, so be grateful for where you are why reaching for more
  3. For every new level you want, there is the right kind of character you need to sustain you


Sometimes, it’s really not about the moves to be made, but rather, about the character to be formed in you, to truly becoming the person of your dreams, that you will be proud of.

I  trust this post has inspired you to think differently. Please drop a comment below and let me know-how, and also share this post with your friends too.

Cheers to a great weekend






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