Living The Christian Life By Mastering Your Emotions

master your emotions
master your emotions

One very important thing to learn from the book, Two Edged Sword by Andrew Womack’s  is how you can master your emotions under any given circumstance. The book provides very practical insight into God’s word as each chapter of the book addresses key topics of  christian life, from Salvation, receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, and generally the faith life of a believer.

This topic is very personal to me because for a very long time, I allowed my emotions control me, my person, relationships and outlook to life. Whilst emotions is what makes us humans, it is also important to note that God never designed that we, Spirit beings, should be controlled by it. Romans 8:1 clearly admonishes us to live in the Spirit and not in the flesh (emotions).

In this post, I will be sharing on 3 aspects of life in which  believers can master their emotions.

Mastering Your Emotions to Pray

As a believer, the devil’s main aim is to prevent you from praying because he knows that’s a way you communicate with your father in heaven. Hence, he tries to make you relate with prayer emotionally, to only engage in it when you feel like . Prayers is not just a routine, but a spiritual exercise and hence should be treated as such. Do not allow your prayer life be based on emotions, whenever it is time to pray, allow your spirit man be in charge, get up an and pray.

A practical way to further illustrate this: You did something you weren’t so proud of, you felt bad afterwards and asked God to forgive you. When it is time to pray, do not allow the incidence prevent you from saying your prayers to God. Approach the throne of Grace boldly and Pray! Tell God plainly how you feel, and trust him to take care of your emotions.

Mastering Your Emotions to study God’s word

Studying God’s word should never be approached emotionally. When you want to study the word of God, trust the Holy Spirit to minister to you, don’t close it out of frustration. That was my story some time ago, I remember how studying the word of God was like reading a story book. I often found it un-interesting and hence would close my bible after scanning through some verses. It simply was based on if I enjoyed what I was reading or not. The truth is, God’s word is LIFE and it is not boring!

If studying God’s word still feels to you like a long boring essay, then, you can ask the Holy Spirit to explain it to you. (Check out the next post to learn  how you can study the word of God practically and find it interesting)

Mastering your emotions when relating with people

A good way to master your emotions is in how you relate with people. Do not relate with people based in emotions. There are times that your emotions will want to run wild, but as spirit beings, we can choose to allow the Holy Spirit take charge at such instance. It’s not everything or everyone you respond to when angry, take charge of your emotions.

In conclusion

As believers, we were never designed for our emotions to control us. We are spirit beings and have the Holy Spirit residing in us. Every day, present yourself before the Holy Spirit, and always tell him to help you live daily.

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