Maximize Your Potential – Do Not Waste Your Resources

do not waste your resources
do not waste your resources

The title of this post-  Do not waste your resources, came to me like a flash. I was sitting in my office on this raining day, and this thought came to me. Babe, you have lots of bright ideas oo, what have you done about them? As I ruminated over this thought- do not waste your resources, it occurred to me that I had many ideas I hadn’t done anything on. My heart raced, and I felt I should talk about me and hopefully help someone out there too. But before I proceed, what do I mean by do not waste your resources?

Do not waste your resources simply means that when you have an idea, immediately take action on it. Do not waste time asking all the what-if questions and at the end of the day, you reason out the possibility of executing that idea. See ehh, this is very practical. If you really want to become the best of yourself, fully maximize your potentials, this 3 proven steps will help you a great deal in churning your ideas to workable actions.

Do not waste time before taking action

Ok, the truth is that, when an idea comes to you, it also goes to 10 other people at the same time. But the interesting thing about life is that we all have different approaches and products that we will and can develop with our ideas. My friend, see, when an idea comes to you, take actions immediately on it (but this is after you have planned out a good strategy). See, time is of great essence in fulfilling any vision, you aren’t going to live on earth forever!

Maximize your potential so you do not waste your resources

I usually tell myself and people around me- You are more powerful than you know and can see. There is still much more that you can achieve. The truth is that this is not all of you, you can still do much more than this. It only takes you challenging yourself some more. I love the story of the parable of the talents from the Holy Bible. The servant with 5 talents, worked hard and got 5 more talents, the one with 3 did same and got 3 more talents, but the one with one talent, hid his in the ground and got nothing in return. In fact, that which he had was taken away from him. The universe doesn’t harbor non-productivity. Whatever you use keeps multiplying. To ensure that you do not waste your resources, keep maximizing your potential, keep discovering more things that you can do.

Bless Humanity with what you have

This is my anthem, this is my philosophy, to Serve Humanity. That which you have should be used for the service of humanity. One great way not to waste your resources is to keep using it to bless humanity. If you can sing, sing sonorously to uplift souls, if you can paint, paint to capture the hearts of viewers. If you have a flare for writing, write to inspire others. Your gifting and talent is given to you so you bless lives, do not waste your resources!



If you are thinking of how best to even understand the resources you have, this article that will help you- How to discover your cutting edge. Know this – the sum total of life is not in the material possession you have but in the number of lives you impact. 

Lastly, let these word from Adepeju Jayeoba inspire you:

‘’Success is measured by the number of lives you have touched and the changes you have created’’.



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