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Welcome to our new series, ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’’ .This series aims to share exclusive and inspiring interviews from Entrepreneurs succeeding in various field of endeavour – how they started, their high and low moments ,what keeps them going regardless of challenges they encounter running their business and key lessons to learn from them.

Just before we go proceed, it’s imperative for us to know who an Entrepreneur is:

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, an Entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.
The British dictionary also defines an Entrepreneur as the owner or manager of a business enterprise who by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits.
Investopedia defines an Entrepreneur as an individual who, rather than working as an employee, runs a small business and assumes all the risks and rewards of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale.
So basically, an Entrepreneur is a business leader and innovator of new ideas and business processes.

Are Entrepreneurial abilities in-born or can it be learned?

Research has shown that certain people are born with Entrepreneurial genes but this does not suggest they will end up doing business or even becoming successful business owners in the long run. Entrepreneurs are those who think up ideas of meeting needs in their environment, get trained with the required skills needed and then start out. They are basically doers of conceived ideas .It takes curiosity and ambition to succeed in life and these are not exclusive to some set of people.

Why become an Entrepreneur?

People start doing business for various reasons- To make more money, have control of their time/life or experiment new ideas .But the bottom line of venturing into any business is to satisfy a need, a desire, a longing which varies for every individual.

Top traits of successful Entrepreneurs are listed below:

1. Creativity: Ability to think up ideas and take action

2. Positive thinking: Staying optimistic about their ideas even when no one believes in it.

3. Decisiveness: Ability to make decisions and stick with it.

4. Risk takers: Ability to see opportunities and seize them on the go. Entrepreneurs are bold people who take calculated steps even when they don’t always necessarily know the end result. They dare the impossible!

5. Craves learning: Successful Entrepreneurs never come to the end of learning; they understand the importance of acquiring knowledge daily to improving their business.

Having established this, it’s time for us to ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ from various walks of life. Watch out next post for their interview.

NB: Please feel free to network and connect with these individuals as I will be sharing contacts and links to them


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