My Gentle Old Lover

my gentle old lover
my gentle old lover

I could hear my heart saying; I don’t even want to try another step again. I didn’t know how I got to this state, but surely, I was tired of how I felt life had treated me for some time. This was my heart meditation, I didn’t know if to say giving up was all I could do, I wasn’t even ready to listen to another to change my will. I had made up my mind, and that was final.


So that was me some time ago when I did think I couldn’t move a step again, after experiencing a major disappointment. I literarily felt my whole world was crumbling down, and hence I just wanted to quit. After I wallowed for days and weeks in that state and I wasn’t feeling any better, I knew I had to do something to help myself, out of the self-pity game which would get me nowhere. So I thought, what on earth could I do, who can I share my burden with?


Graciously, I had a friend, who was always waiting for me to speak and vent my anger, pour my heart till it melts like wax at his feet, my gentle old lover. He has always been there for me and he will never leave me. And so I opened up to him, telling him how I felt if perhaps he would speak a word of comfort to my soul and spirit. He did speak, he did talk to me, and pointed me back to his love, as stated in his word. Gently he was there all through my grieving times, bore me in his arms even days when my feeble knees couldn’t carry me. For this his love is so strong, I have tasted and can testify it is true.


You, my friend, need not carry that burden alone. I might not know what deep wounds you bear within, Or the many disappointments that have come your way. But one thing I know is this, that if you opened your heart to this, my friend, and lover, he will be right there to catch you and keep you safe in his arms forever.

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