My Giant Daymares

My Giant Daymares
I fear not the dreams of the night
Those visions in the absence of light.
They come when my limbs are weak
When my bones are sick, my form meek.
I fear them not.

I fear those dreams that come
When my eyes are open.
Those monsters that cloud my vision,
Accepting nothing but their desires
The desires to make man out of the boy of me.

I fear those dreams of the day,
Those daymares
They come when I’m aware
They always come to stay.

Those visions of tall hopes that never stoop
Those dreams of greatness that never droops
Those dreams whose paths to keep are scary
But whose fulfillment leads to untold glory

Those dreams are the ones I’m afraid of
Not for the dreams themselves
But for repercussions of failing myself
In achieving the visions thereof

Written by: Emeka Timothy Umunnakwe, an inspirational writer and author of   The driver , a novel published on




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