My pen is powerful, it’s my gift to the world

my pen is powerful
my pen is powerful

My pen is powerful
It’s the tool with which I express myself
And use my talent
To reach the world at large

My pen is powerful
Through it, I have written hundreds of articles
To inspire persons, people in thousands

My pen is powerful
I only came to this realization of late
Even though it’s been there all this while

My Pen is powerful
I have seen many people dance, sing, draw, and paint
And I always wished I could do same
But now I know better

My pen is my skill
It’s my talent, it’s the tool I have
To profit, and to praise my maker

Are you somehow like I was
Thinking of that unique thing in you
And what makes you stand out

Do you often wonder and wish
Wish you could you know that talent in you
That uniqueness you’ve got
Your very own frontier

Well, I will say this for free
Look no further save within
For we all have been gifted by our maker with each talent

Some 5, some 3, some 1
According to our abilities
But know this
No one’s got nothing

If truly you want to know that talent you’ve got
Can I ask you started doing something now?
Can I ask that you open up yourself to ideas that are coming to your heart?
Can I ask you to talk to your maker, God?
And simply follow the prompting he brings to you

For out of the things we often pass by daily
And the things we don’t consider in ourselves as so important
Is the unique talent placed inside of us
For us to see, and explore
And be a blessing to the world



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Joyce Olawunmi

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