No matter what happens, don’t slip into depression

Don’t slip into depression
Don’t think that it will all end here
There is a brighter future to believe in
It may not look it now
But it will soon

See the stars
Remember the resounding wave of the ocean
And the still sound of nightfall
These all show the mightiness of God

Don’t slip into depression
You know God has never failed
And he isn’t about to start with you
Can you hold on some more time
Believe once more that all will be well
And it is working together for your good

Don’t slip into depression
The ugly voice speaking doubt, condemnation and depression
That’s all he can and will ever do
Don’t give him a second
He will flee at your command

Don’t slip into depression
The days might get tougher
God didn’t promise it all rosy for you and me
But what he has assured
Is his presence now and then

Don’t slip into depression
Can you please see the beautiful future ahead of you and me
The many lives a blessing you are to
And how you are making the world a better place?
Even in your imperfection

Don’t slip into depression
You might be in the darkest moment of your life right now
You might not know the next step to take
Or who to turn to

But one thing is sure
This phase will come and go
Things will definitely change for the better
You will come out stronger and better
With smiles all over  you

Wanna know how I know?
And am assured of this truth?
His word has said it
And I know 
He is too faithful
not to keep to his promises



Please listen to this song on the faithfulness of God by Moses Bliss




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