No matter what happens, God still loves you recklessly

God still loves you recklessly
God still loves you recklessly

Happy Sunday to you. On this sunny Sunday afternoon, I am writing to encourage you that no matter how much burdened you feel right now, you are just going through a phase of your life that will surely pass away.

You know it is so easy for us to be going through real-life situations that will often seem as though we would drown the next minute. Situations might even be so serious that you just may want to throw into the towel. At times like this, it is very likely that you don’t seem to find anyone around you who can be of help to you.

Need I to say again that your mind might actually be playing a fast one on you, making you think of all the unthinkable, and actually question your faith. But I need to remind you this “whatever you are going through right now will surely pass away”.

But in the interim, when you are still going through tough situations, what can you do to maintain your cool? These things can help:

Talk to God about the situations

Oftentimes, when we are going through tough situations, we usually feel so alone, as though there is no God watching after us to help us. This is the way the devil wants to make us feel, to prevent us from approaching God for him to strengthen us ” as we pass through the fire“.

But here is what to do, talk to God about the situations, tell him exactly how you feel, allow him to strengthen you beyond how your feeble knees can carry you.

Read your Bible

One very primary way God wants to speak to us is through his word. When you are going through tough times, be not far from your bible. Open it, read it and allow the scriptures to comfort you. God is sure our ever-present help in times of need, and he will open your eyes to seeing the scriptures that will speak directly to you and the situation you are going through.

Keep fellowshipping with the Believers

Most times, when we are going through some terrible life situations, the devil tries to make us isolate ourselves, making us feel we are all alone and can figure things out all by ourselves. In actual sense, the real thing the devil is aiming to achieve is to prevent us from being strengthened by fellow believers. It’s good to have alone -moments when you just want to seek God’s face over a matter and pray. But afterwards, still, fellowship with fellow believers. This can be by going to church, joining small fellowship groups around you or even talking to a fellow believer about the matter. The basic thing you are doing is strengthening your faith at this time. Do not isolate yourself and make the enemy sow seeds of isolation and defeat in your heart.

In Conclusion

We all go through situations in life that often times questions our faith in God. But no matter what you are going through, always remember that God still loves you recklessly, and he is sure going to see you through that situation.

For, in the end, you will surely have the victory song, so rejoice and be comforted.


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