Not just Social Media, a Blessing indeed


Not just Social Media, a Blessing indeed.

A happy new month to you my dear readers. Today is an exciting day for me. I am here to gist and share my excitement with you. Over the weekend, something remarkable happened. I got good news and I will be sharing it below.

The Good News

Do you know a lot of people believe that those who are active on social media are jobless people? Well, I have always had a second opinion about this. So I remember some time ago, I posted something on my WhatsApp status. It was a funny write up by a friend of mine who works at an IT company in Lagos. She prepared a test case for finding a husband (Who does that). I was highly impressed by her creativity (Who says you can’t be skilful at your job and create hilarious content from it). Well, this is the funny content  below;


Guess what happened next?

A friend of mine, who had been looking for a job as a Software Tester commented on the post and asked that I link him up to the lady that prepared the content. I hesitated for a while because I didn’t want all those boy-girl toasting stuff to happen jare (what’s my business anyway). But he pleaded with me that he wanted to connect with her on Job Level. So I gave him the lady’s contact. They got connected and started chatting.

Then the Miracle Happened

The Lady happens to have links to one of the most prestigious IT firms in Africa. And just about that time, the firm was recruiting for a role which the guy is skilled at. She helped him submit his CV at the firm, and he got called for an interview. He was successful at the interviews and he got the Job offer. Like seriously he did!! The job didn’t only come with a juicy salary, but it also came with lots of benefits attached to it.

Looking back, I just think to myself, how just Whatsapp status gave someone a fantastic job. This experience sure taught me some lessons afterwards;

  1. Be Proactive and ready to take on opportunities.
  2. Use social media to your advantage by engaging with people genuinely, who knows if your next miracle will come from there.
  3. Be skilful at what you do, perform excellently at your job.
  4. Don’t be a lone ranger, connect with people.
  5. When you have an opportunity to help others, please do.

This is my sweet gist and story today. I hope you learned a thing or two from it? I wish you a happy new month once again, full of Blessings.




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