He said it so easily- You can’t get a bike going in that direction, bikes rarely ply that route. I felt so devastated hearing this news. I couldn’t imagine trekking that distance to my destination after a long day. I was so tired, no matter how short the distance seemed, I wasn’t ready to even make an effort.

In a state of dejection, I struggled with the thought of embarking on this long distance race with the information I had just received. As I was processing the new information, my mind raced back to a quote from a book I had just finished reading, ‘’There is nothing impossible in this life, once you set your mind to achieving it’‘. Immediately, a fresh wave of idea came to me, What if I actually got a bike? What if I saw someone I knew going in my direction? Or what if I just teleport? These ideas lightened up my burden and immediately, I switched my thoughts to believing for a miracle to happen.

I started journeying with a belief that something positive will show up, I had believed in the past and had gotten some good results, even if I must admit that sometimes I have faced several setbacks and disappointments, but this time, I was ready to give faith all it took. No sooner had I starting walking, a bike truly came around.  I jumped on the bike like a champ ( Yesssssssssssss).

As we raced down to my location, I felt good about ”my small leap of faith”, indeed  I had won, I had just silenced the voice of impossibilities and got what I wanted. It was a short experience that didn’t last for more than 15 minutes, but it taught me the following lessons about life:

  1. It is very possible for people to say things, try to negate your vision, but you must never accept that achieving  your vision is impossible.
  2. The joy and satisfaction you derive from doing something others think impossible is a good motivation for greater heights.
  3. By defying the odds and doing something about that idea you have, you will learn how to channel your energy in the right direction and save yourself stress from doing things you shouldn’t be doing

Remember, impossibilities only exist in the mind but never in reality, never give in to limiting thoughts/ talks, be bold to take steps, be bold to defy the odds, do the IMPOSSIBLE and live life on your terms.


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