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On this sunny Friday afternoon, I learned something new

On this hot sunny Friday afternoon. I learned something new, something inspiring and something worth talking about. These days, I am sharing lots of personal stories on my blog, on my day to day experiences. These lessons are truly inspiring, you can check out these earlier posts, my blue sponge experience, my PVC collection story.

My story today

It was 1:00 pm this Friday and I needed to get a gift. So I stepped out of my office to get a gift at a nearby store.  Before leaving, I already had the gift item I wanted to purchase in my mind and a rough estimate of the amount. As I got to the first store, I didn’t like the product of the item I saw, so I decided to check out another store nearby. I entered another store, and they had just want I wanted.

My experience

The owner of the store (a lady) welcomed me with such a great smile and even offered me a seat to sit. At first, I thought she just wanted me to get the item from her, but no sooner than later, I realized she actually had genuine intentions and just wanted me to relax before picking up the item. I saw what she had, and it was a good price for what I wanted. But again, I was contemplating the color of the item and wanted to get up to check other stores.

Her unique customer service expertise

Immediately, she sensed I wanted to leave, she started offering me other nice gift items within my budget I could also buy from her. There was this thing about the lady, she was genuine, and she was friendly. In my inner heart, I knew I had to purchase the gift item from her. I finally made a purchase of the item I wanted.

Some add on

She was so helpful and even helped me wrap the gift item in a very nice way. As if that was not enough, she gave me the wrapping sheet for free. After the experience, I was so pleased, I immediately got her number and gave her my office card. Who knows, I would need to get some gift items some other day, and she sure will be my go-to person.

As I stepped out of her store, these lessons dawned on me:

  1. It doesn’t take so much to help others, it could be your simple smile or even your mannerism.
  2. Be willing always to help others, you sure don’t know how much impact you are making
  3. Render help genuinely, without even wanting something else in return.

My Concluding words

Have you ever had an experience like this before? What did you do? What did you learn? Will you like to share your own story? Please reach out to me in the comment section of this post, or send me a mail:

I will be glad to post your story!



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