One thing I learned this past week

I am here today to gist you about one thing I learned this past week. You know they say, ”if you are open to learning, everywhere will be a classroom for you to learn?” Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

This is what happened

I had gotten into this silent argument with a colleague at work, over a trivial matter, and we both knew there was something wrong afterwards. I didn’t want to speak about the matter, I just thought for some reasons, ”Let the sleeping dog lie”. But deep within, I knew issues had to be sorted out. I couldn’t imagine that I could not act so freely with this colleague, as I usually did, I felt hurt, and uncomfortable. I summoned the courage and approached her to iron things out.

Do you know what?

After we spoke, I realise that we both had different personality type and approach to doing things. And hence, we both had different interpretations of the issue at hand. In each other’s eyes, we were right, but in reality, we were both wrong. We spoke things over and apologised to each other. We sure did misinterprete each other’s intention, and hence things were not clearly communicated between us.

After the sorry and hugs, I reflected and thought:

What just happened is very normal in human relationships. As long as you are on earth, you will keep having to deal and work with people. I realised that living a secluded life is never God’s intention. He actually wants us to live together, learn from each other and grow. And even when we step on each other’s toes, it is not for us to walk out of such relationships, but rather iron things out, learn from it and move on.


Have you been experiencing serious issues with living and interacting with people? Then don’t give up on it yet, it might just mean you need to talk things over and re-evaluate your relationships again. We are here on earth to live and learn from each other, as no man is an island of knowledge. So as you live with people, also learn from them, and together, let us make the world a better place to live in.


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